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Alex Li (Chinese name: Lee HoiKuen),attorney at law in Shanghai SHY Law Firm,Engineer,sustainable development counselor accreditated by European Foreign Trade Association,passed Licensing Examinations for Securities Intermediaries and Funds Intermediaries.

Mr.Li was graduated from Tongji University, one of the national leading engineering universities.He has working experience in stated owned corporation as project supervisor and supply chain supervisor in international retail company.assessed more than one thousand factories.Also operated a consulting company as CEO for several years.He understands and is familiar with different corporation culture in state owned,local private and international companies. He is a business minded professional lawyer,can provide commercially valuable legal advice.

With rich working experiences in different feilds, Mr.Li is familiar with trading,high technology, mannufacturing and construction related legal issues. He can handle cases regarding corporate, tort, labor, debt collection, real estate, contract matters.

Lawyers of our team have expertises in different feilds, including that with master degree in common law education back from the USA, criminal defense lawyer with more than 10 years of experience,also lawyer working in financial feild for several years,ten years of experience in marriage and Succession. With such a proffesional and experienced team from diverse background,we can deal with legal issues from different points of view,help our clients to resolve dispute efficiently and avoid any potential legal risks.







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